The problems of visualization by Qt (when the compiler start and exit the program)

I met two problems when I use Qt to visualize the OCC.

First, when I run the program, the QWidget can't display OCC view immediately, which bind the view of OCC. 

Second, when the program is exited from the debug mode, the compiler will throw the TCl_exit error(Exception thrown at 0x00000000100BF7EC (tcl86.dll) ).

How can I solve these two problems?

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If you are on linux, take a look at my github code at channel grotius-cnc. There is a repro called "Skynet_Robot_Control_Rtos_Ethercat" If you are still on windows, this is the time to do a fresh linux install.

This is a QT program and has the correct libraries, compiler flags etc. There is also a mayo fork wich compiles correct without any warning. On window's take a look at the mayo repro, or the jellycad repro.

The qt program has a trick to load the occ viewer into a gridlayout, position 0,0. This trick took me quite a while to find out. This prevents promoting widgets and all kind of stuff.