Re-mesh previously meshed surface

When using BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh on a shape it gladly meshes the shape according to the parameters specified. Now, when I want to 're-mesh' that same shape the meshing only happens when the parameters given request a smaller deflection. I understand that this is the expected behavior. Is there a way to tell BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh to mesh a shape that has been previously meshed with the parameters given, regardless if these request a smaller deflection or not? In other words how can this behavior be switched off? Thanks.

Nathaniel Essenberg's picture

I don't know if BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh is supposed to ignore new parameters even if they are courser...

Maybe a workaround would be to use BRepTools::Clean first?

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

No re-meshing in this case is a current design of BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh and expected behavior.
Thus, BRepTools::Clean() is not a workaround, but expected interface in case if user really needs re-meshing shape.

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Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.