Rotation between elements

There is a simple way to find the rotation angle between 2 arcs?
I have a path made by lines and arcs (imported from IGES). I have to find the rotation (relative) from an arc and the next one.

See attachment for a graphic explanation.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, you make get the angle with using gp_Vec.

gp_Vec myVec;
myVec.angle(gp_Vec other);

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Or you may create the Local system coordinate with gp_Ax3 for first object and for second object. After you may translate first system coordinate by points like 0,0,0 to the first system and after get the angle.

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Thank you JuryS.
At the moment I solved this question by calculating equations of the planes (which arcs belong) and after, calculating angle between planes, but I will try one of your solutions (the first seems quite simple)

Another little question: gp_Circ.Length() returns the entire circle lenght, how can I get the lengtt of the arc?

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JuryS, I user vectors for getting angle of a single arc, and then calculate the lenght of the arc itself. So, thank you very much.

About the original question, I will continue with the "mathematical" method because seems to work fine.

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double theLength, theSurfArea, theVolume;
GProp_GProps LProps, SProps;

BRepGProp::LinearProperties(myShape, LProps);
theLength = LProps.Mass();

BRepGProp::SurfaceProperties(myShape, SProps);
theSurfArea = SProps.Mass();

theVolume = 0.0;
if (myShape.ShapeType() < TopAbs_SHELL)
for (TopExp_Explorer Exp (myShape, TopAbs_SOLID); Exp.More(); Exp.Next())
GProp_GProps VProps;
BRepGProp::VolumeProperties(Exp.Current(), VProps);
theVolume += VProps.Mass();

And now you can get the Lenth, Area and Volume from all shapes that you have, not only for line or circle....