Some problems about BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing

Hello all,
I want to use BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing class to sew two TopoDS_Face.
However the result is TopoDS_Shape still contains two TopoDS_Face.
I need it to be only one TopoDS_Face and only one Boundary rather than two.
Could anybody give me some advices to solve this problem.
Thank you in advance!

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Sewing dont do what you want. You can use BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse.

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I am not so clear about BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing, what is the different between it and BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse? Can get some more detail? and examples. Thank you!

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Hi Oscar,

------------ ------------
| 1 || 2 | Result | 1 | 2 |
| || | | | |
------------ ------------

You have 2 overlaping edges of 2 faces. Sewing check if one edge can belong to 2 faces. Bevor you have 8 edges, after sewing you have 8-1 = 7 edges. So one edge is shared to 2 faces, but there remain two faces.


------------ ------------
| 1 || 2 | Result | 1 |
| || | | |
------------ ------------

You fuse 2 faces to one whole face.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


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Sry it has not work out as I had imagined.

I created a small drawing.
Please see the attached file

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Hi, Alex, thank you for your answer, it is very helpful!