Third Party GUI?


I was wondering if there are any ready-to-go GUI interfaces for OpenCascade. For example, I would like something like what is shown in the screenshots, with a feature tree, and a view window, etc.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi, you can use Exotk ( Qt or MFC) or FreeCAD (, Python).

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Do either of these provide access to any of the advanced surfacing, FEA, or animation capabilities of the kernel? Thanks for the help!

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It are only GUI or, more exactly, frameworks. They contain different widgets to write an application for OCC. For example, View for V3d_View or Tree. But better to see it.

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Hi Valery. 

I con not find this URL. ( I can see a world graphics, but i can not access to the content. 

Can you help me, please??

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Hi Valery

( hasn´t content. Can you help me, please??