undefined symbol


When I try to launch a software developed with Opencascade, I get some unresolved dependencies on the dps library :

undefined symbol: _Z20Xdps_set_text_attribPviii11XW_DRAWMODE
undefined symbol:
undefined symbol: _Z15Xdps_set_bufferPvi

I have this problem with the versions of libdps from xorg (6.8.1) - the fork of xfree - and xfree 4.3.

Any ideads ?


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First, I'm a OCC newbie, so this may not be of much help. So your app compiles and linkes OK, and you get those complains when running it?
What I make of it is that libTKService.so can't find those symbols, so you must feed it some lib who has them. The one you're using apparenty doesn't. Sorry this is not of much help. Maybe give google a spin...