Undo/redo in OCAF

Hi there,

I got a question concerning the undo/redo function in OCAF. I tried to understand how to realize a undo/redo-function by looking at the source code of the OCAF-sample.

Is it right that I have to specify the beginning of the commands that the user can undo with D->NewCommand();, as it is written in line 354 of SampleOcafDoc.cpp-file of the OCAF-Sample? Do I specify the end of the command-sequence that should be undone with D->CommitCommand();, as it is written in line 372 in the same file? Does this mean, that everything that stands between those two commands will be undone, when the undo-method is called?

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Christian Alvarez

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Hello Christian,

To define the begin and theend of a transaction use NewCommand() method of TDocStd, like the following:

D->NewCommand(); //Closes the previous and opens

//a new transaction

//Some OCAF command's calls

D->NewCommand(); //Look above comment ;-)

if you need to undo the last transaction call Undo() method.

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PS For better understanding the OCAF transaction mechanism and how OCAF works look at the sources or consider taking OCAF training course.