Unrotated circle axis


I have read step file and rotated all faces around an axis and then exploring edges belonging to a particular face with TopExp_Explorer. 

gp_Trsf trsf;


BrepBuilderAPI_Transform transform(face,trsf);



I rotated all the faces in my shape like this way. In the bottom code, axis info comes wrong. When i check circles axis info before rotation and after rotation nothing changes. However face vertices rotated correctly.

for(TopExp_Explorer exp(face,TopAbs_EDGE);exp.More();exp.Next())


TopoDS_Edge edge=TopoDS::Edge(exp.Current());

auto curve=Brep_Tool::Curve(edge,location,first,last);

Handle(Standard_Type) curveType=curve->DynamicType();



Handle(Geom_Circle) circle=Handle(Geom_Circle)::DownCast(curve);

auto axis=circle->Axis();




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Can someone help me please?

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May be the transform code should be 

BrepBuilderAPI_Transform transform(face,trsf,Standard_True);
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it works thank you so much