Use BRepAlgo_Section instead of BRepAlgoAPI_Section

I Use OCC 6.3.1.
Only to inform oder users with the same problem.
To build the intersection of different shapes with a plane i have tried to use BRepAlgoAPI_Section. There was rarely a result in an intersection of a simple cylinder with a plane (gp_pln or face) - useless.

The solution is to use BRepAlgo_Section instead. This method is delivering results.
Facit: use BRepAlgo_Section instead of BRepAlgoAPI_Section.

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Wow thanks for this post. I can confirm similar behavior with OCC 6.9.1 in certain instances. When I use BRepAlgoAPI_Section, many intersections are "missing," but there are no such problems with BRepAlgo_Section directly.

I am using python-occ 0.18 (OCC 6.9.1). Hope this is of use to others.