Using StepControl Reader

Here is my Code Snippet : 

#include <StepControl_Reader.hxx>

#include <XSControl.hxx>

int main() {

STEPControl_Reader reader;

return 0;}

But I get : 

Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol "public: virtual int __cdecl XSControl_Reader::NbRootsForTransfer(void)" (?NbRootsForTransfer@XSControl_Reader@@UEAAHXZ) 

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Thank you tawfik boujeh.

May I request you to kindly elaborate.

How to use this code snippet.

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The missing symbol indicates that sample code has not been linked to the necessary OCCT libraries - TKXSBase.lib in this particular case.

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Thank you Kirill Gavrilov. I am learning. But I do need help.


CR Sundar