VC++ Link Problem

Hello, I try to write a simple app. using gp package using VC++ in Win2000 env.. but when I try to build the project,I got problem during linking, the error message is :unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) void * * theFreeList" (__imp_?theFreeList@@3PAPAXA)"

I know this problem relates with DLL problem, Is there someone could kindly help me on this?



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Hello , I'm a new user and I have the same problem you had last year about unresolved external error during linking.
This under W2000 and Visual C++.
Thanks for help me!

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You can use the wizard with OCC or include the lib file yourself.

You can see some samples of OCC that they include the lib files using #pragma comment

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Hello, my problem is also yours.
May you forward me about what to do if someone give you the answer please.