Volume part is considered empty by OC

Hi everybody,

attached is a STEP file of a volume geometry. If I open it with SolidWorks, everything looks fine.

OC instead thinks the geometry is empty (0 volumes, 0 surfaces).

Is this a bug in OC?



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Verbose log indicates exception on translating Curve - either the definition in STEP file is invalid (the system writing invalid data might be able to read it back) or there is a bug in OCCT reader. The issue can be reported on public OCCT Bugtracker.

Consider using Open Cascade support services if this issue is urgent to you.

23:34 Count	STEP Translator Failures for 'test.STEP'
       -----	-----------
           2	W:CIRCLE: Poor result from projection vertex / curve 3d
           2	W:LINE: Poor result from projection vertex / curve 3d
           1	F:B_SPLINE_CURVE_WITH_KNOTS: Exeption was raised. Curve geometry definition is incorrect
           1	F:MANIFOLD_SOLID_BREP: Exeption is raised. Entity was not translated.
          Nb Total:6  for 4 items

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Thank you for the help.

It could be that the data is not so clean as needed by OCC. I processed the part with SolidWorks and then exported it as a STEP. SolidWorks can read it back.

Even so, maybe it can help to make the OCC reader more robust. I already submited a bug to the link you posted.