WOK again

I am still having problem using WOK. First, woksh is unknonw until I have launch tclsh. Then I got this: [alleon@ms154165 alleon]$ tclsh start /adv_22/WOK/BAG/wok-K4-4JR/lib/lin/tclshrc_Wok end /adv_22/WOK/BAG/wok-K4-4JR/lib/lin/tclshrc_Wok tclsh> woksh error while autoloading "woksh": couldn't read file "/tmp/OCC-3.0/OCC/BAG/wok-K4-5/lib/wokinterp.tcl": no such file or directory tclsh>

This file does not exist at all in my distrib. Then the ultimate question is: having some project files somewhere how to put then into wok?

Thanks for your help


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I definitely agree, WOK is not easily configured, and I have not been able to get it to work. I posted a message a while back asking if anyone outside of Matra Dtv. has WOK running. Since no one responded, we can assume that no one has been able to get it working. I made many attempts with no success. Someone who is using WOK needs to make the changes required to run on other systems, otherwise no one will ever register for the Software Factory training course.
I would suggest that future release of new features or software be delayed until they are actually ready for users.

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I have recompiled all the WOK in Windows 2000 with TCL 8.2.

It took me a long time but now it seems to work well.

If you want I can write a note of all the procedure to compile WOK (I have build the DSW and DSP files for compilation under Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0).

I don't know if all is now working but I'm able to process some of my CDL files.

Giorgio. Bye.