XCAFApp plugin looks for wrong library on MINGW-W64

Good Morning,

  I have built the OCC libraries using MINGW-W64 within MSYS2-W64 shell. My application is also built in the same environment.

The application crashed when calling XCAFApp_Application::Open ( const TCollection_ExtendedString & path, Handle< TDocStd_Document > & aDoc ).

The document was of type: "XmlXCAF"

An Errror message said that TKXmlXCAF.dll could not be found.  Indeed this library is named "libTKXmlXCAF.dll" (with lib prefix) on a MINGW platform.

The problem was solved making a copy of "libTKXmlXCAF.dll" named "TKXmlXCAF.dll" and my application is not crashing anymore.

But I think that it would be better to fix the plugin so that it looks for "libTKXmlXCAF.dll" when the OCC library is built with the MINGW compiler.


Walter Steffè




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You are welcome providing patches to OCCT:

Note that since OCCT 7.1.0, plugin mechanism is optional for using OCAF persistence - you can link to these libraries directly instead of dynamic loading via generated library name,
see OCCT 7.1.0 Release Notes for details "OCAF persistence without plugins".

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Hello Kirill, many thanks for your advice.

Following it I have excluded the plugin by callling "app->DefineFormat ( ..)".   So I do not need anymore to copy Resources and to define environment variables inside of the installer.