I have just started to work with XDE as I need to construct STEP files with external references
but my first test program is giving me problems. The following line throws an exception:

STEPCAFControl_Writer writer;

It is a Standard_DomainError with the message XSControl_Controller : Record

The example in the user guide does not work; not least because STEPCAFControl_Writer is spelt STEPCDFControl_Writer.

I would appreciate it if someone could provide me with an example.

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I have now managed to write out an Assembly. I had some, much appreciated, help from Paddy but had to rebuild TKSTEP.dll and TKXDESTEP.dll to get my test to run.

My original aim was to write a 'multi-file' set; after delving into the code I worked out that the third argument to the Transfer method specifies a prefix and if this is set a multi-set should be generated.

Does anyone have experience with this as I get an exception from Dico_Dictionary.gxx?