Z value from B-Spline Surface

If I make a B-Spline surface from a cloud of X,Y,Z points, how can I get the Z value of the surface at a specified X,Y point? What method should be used? Are ther any examples of this?

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There may be an easier way to do this with a
B-Spline surface, but I am thinking there is a
problem that a surface can have multiple Z values
with a given X,Y. Therefore, you probably want
to use GeomAPI_IntCS to intercept your surface
with an infinite line at the given X,Y. You
can then get the Z value(s) from the resulting
intersection points.

Hope this helps.

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How do you creat a "closed" surface, out of your cloud of points ? And what type of filling of the surface do you use ?
I suppose you did not use Geom_BSplineSurface ?
I have the same problem now. How did you solve it ?