1)Healing and 2)Adaptor classes

Hello everybody !

1)Which classes should I use to do some "Healing" (not sewing) on a set of adjacent faces ?

2) What are the classes Adaptor (Adaptor3d_... , Adaptor2d_... ) made for ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Hi Roche,

1). You can figure out the appropriate class consulting the API of any particular method you would like to use. Most often they work on TopoDS_Shape, sometimes directly on geometrical objects - Handle(Geom_Curve), Handle(Geom_Surface), etc.

2). Adaptor classes implement an "adaptor" pattern (if you are familiar with such) wrapping different representations into some common interface. For example, there is an adaptor to represent curve (Adaptor3d_Curve) from really a curve (GeomAdaptor_Curve) or edge (BRepAdaptor_Edge) or even wire (BRepAdaptor_CompCurve).
If documentation does shed enough light, CDL and source code should be quite self-explaining.

Hope this helps.