2-D constraints and dimensions

One of the demonstrations on the web page shows a 2-D constraint system with dimensions. I have an application where I need to apply similar constraints, but I have not found a sample program or documentation that exercises this feature.

Could someone give me or point me to a sample?

Thank you

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As fas as I know, there is no constraint solver in OCC.
OCC is only prepared for constraint UI (some AIS's for constraints).
If you want to impliment 2d constraint system with OCC, you may have to buy 2d DCM from D-Cubed.

For example, Samcef field is developed with OCC and 2d-DCM by OCC company as OEM. They have the technology to link OCC with 2d DCM but they seems not have the solution of the constraint solver as 2d DCM.

I hope this help you....

Sangsu Lee

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If that's the case, then it's very misleading to have a demonstration in a section titled "Animated demonstrations of the Open CASCADE Technology functionality" that shows a 2d constraint system. Constraints are a very important piece of a solid modeling system. I'm writing software just for my own use, so D-Cubed solution is likely not an option.

Thank you

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We have a 2D constraint solver implemented. Perhaps we can help you...

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Is this implementation a public stuff?

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I'd also be interested in this if it's availbale


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We are vesy interresteted in a 2D constraint solver!