2D AIS samples in OCC4?

I have tried 2D display in OCC4,but it does no work.
Does anyone have the sample that shows its good? and how to exchange the samples of OCC31 to OCC4?

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It seems that AID2D service in OCC4.0 doesn't work, as far as I know. The MFC Samples provied with OCC4.0 still use ISession2D_XXX, they work fine. But when I replace ISession2D_XXX with corresponding AIS2D_XXX, the code can compile and run, but couldn't show any visual result. I have send my modified sample code to OpenCascade.com, they agree with me, but no any suggestion. At present, they seem be busy with CeBit show.

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AIS2D functions are a new feature of Open CASCADE 4.0. They require some minor improvements, which are now taking place and will be in the next Open CASCADE release. Reference documentation is published for these functions. However migrating from ISession2D functions to AIS2D is a bit tricky. If you really wish to do that, please contact Open CASCADE for helpdesk support.

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When the next OCC release will be available? The online reference manual DOES list AIS2D functions, BUT they don't offer any word that can make reader comprehend the relationship among each component of AIS2D package or sample code, i.e. anything truely useful for developer to code with it.