2d Technical drawing generation

I was wondering if there is a way to generate 2d technical drawings from 3d OCCT entities (Shapes). If I have created a 3D representation of my assembly, is there any way to convert this 3D representation to a 2D technical drawing accompanied by size/length annotations? I came across the Hidden Line Removal section of the documentation regardinh Modeling Algorithms. It seems to be relevant to the matter. But what about the template page of a drawing. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

Indeed, HLR algorithms in OCCT can be used for creation of 2D drawings.

But as for size/length annotations - these have to be assigned manually (e.g. with help of 3D Viewer) or/and using some semi-automated algorithm. It is difficult to imagine an algorithm being able to perfectly work on arbitrary geometry, but algorithm making a good initial placements for a geometry having some recurrent specific properties is quite possible.

The same is for page templates - OCCT doesn't have such templates, although I've seen something like this in FreeCAD application in an SVG format.