2D View error

Hi all,
I am using Qt 4.2.2 & VC 8.0 , OS as windows XP.
My program runs well on my system when i try to create a 2d View by associating v2d_view with Wnt_driver and V2d_viewer.
But when i try to execute the exe of the program in other system by binding all dlls required it ends up with run time error.

Following is the code:
int windowHandle = (int) winId();
short hi, lo;

lo = (short) windowHandle;
hi = (short) (windowHandle >> 16);

#ifdef WNT
Handle(WNT_Window) hWnd = new WNT_Window(mydoc-> myGraphicDevice,(int) hi,(int) lo);
Handle(Xw_Window) hWnd = new Xw_Window(Handle(Xw_GraphicDevice)::DownCast(this->mydoc->get2dViewer()->Device()),(int) hi,(int) lo,Xw_WQ_SAMEQUALITY);
// WNT


#ifdef WNT
Handle(WNT_WDriver) aDriver= new WNT_WDriver(hWnd);
Handle(Xw_Driver) aDriver= new Xw_Driver(hWnd);
#endif // WNT

myV2dView = new V2d_View(aDriver,this->mydoc->get2dViewer());

{ QMessageBox *msg=new QMessageBox(this);
msg->setText("Error in initializing window driver..");

// in run time initializing window driver comes.

Please sort out my problem

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have you also copied/checked the OCC environment variables?



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My program is running fine on my system, but when i am trying to deploy my application on other system, it ends up with run time error.
The system in which i am deploying, Qt & OCC is not installed, for this i am binding all the required dlls of occ & qt.

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If you look at your development system you will see some OCC defined user variables. They are also needed on the deployment system!

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Thanks Patrik,
It worked, Thanks a lot. People like you increases the interest in OCC.