Sorry but after a lot of tests of BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse and aBRepAlgo_Fuse the result is:


Please don't say that Opencascade can do boolean operations !!!

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Hi !

Well.....it can......sometimes......with some shapes.....not all.....

But the rumour says it has been improved in 5.0, have not found any good reason to try it yet though...


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My tests are all under OCC 5.0.
Thank you,

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Hi Filippo,

this is the old style, try the new BOP classes!



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I use old classes because new classes, like BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse, are not able to join adiacent faces.


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My problem is very much the same - but for the boolean section algorithm:

When cutting a shape with a plane the old algorithm (BRepAlgo_Section) returns some edges (I have not checked their validity yet), while the new and allegedly improved one (BRepAlgoAPI_Section) never returns any edges at all.

What may be the reason for it?

Thanks, Reinhold

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I have the same problem, I try to make a tube whith holes made by smaler tubes that intersect with the first( for that , I take a big cylinder, and I cut it with smaller one, on the same axe to get the tube, and then i cut the tube with radial cylinders to get the holes). OC (4.0,5.0,5.1) forgets edges since the 20th one (amayzing! isnt'it?). I paid to OCC staff (two years ago) for help, and they said me only to enlarge the admited precision of calculation up to 0.001. Finaly I found a solution that work pretty well: I make only one solid with all the cutting cylinders, and cut the external cylinder with this solid. It works and I get all the holes. That's my solution, this is a way to hide jump over the problem, I hope it can help.., but I do not understand why OCC forgets some edges with the first algo......
Best regards to every hard OCC workers!!!