3rdparty hard-coded paths when building against OpenCascade

I'm trying to build a project based on OpenCascade 7.7.0(installed from Download center) using CMake
For the sake of find_package(OpenCASCADE) the OpenCASCADE_DIR cmake variable was set to the path containing file OpenCASCADEConfig.cmake eg something like D:\mybasepath\OpenCASCADE-7.7.0-vc14-64\opencascade-7.7.0\cmake

The cmake Configure and Generate steps went fine, but when building there's this early error:
Error: dependent 'C:\occt-3rdparty\Windows-64-VC141\draco-1.4.1\lib\draco.lib' does not exist.

This error seems to be caused by line 152 in OpenCASCADEDataExchangeTargets.cmake:

set_target_properties(TKRWMesh PROPERTIES
  INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES "TKernel;TKMath;TKMesh;TKXCAF;TKLCAF;TKV3d;TKBRep;TKG3d;TKXDE;TKService;C:/occt-3rdparty/Windows-64-VC141/draco-1.4.1/lib/draco.lib"

And this looks like all 3rdparty libs have hard-coded paths in OpenCascade *.cmake files

Is this intended or am I missing something?

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Thank you for your investigation. We will check how we can update this. I think it can't your miss.

As soon as I received some news, I'll inform you there.

Best regards, Dmitrii.