6.2 and Visual Studio 2003

Hi , Has anyone found this OK or is it just me doing something silly ? Have working on 2005 but we have projects on 2003 that we need to keep there. Problem we see is that the graphics will not initialize properly.

Thanks David

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Could you give us some (more) details about the graphics initialization problem you are pointing out.

I'm experiencing lot's of problems with OCC visualization layer since 6.1 (nothing works...) and I'm looking for any information that could help solving thoses problems. One of them is due to opengl/gdi/gc driver(Intel) mix...

Thanks by advance.



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Hi Thierry,

I think our problems have been 2 issues . One is 6.2 seems better at causing exceptions if the programming has issues than 6.1 . So in code we thought was OK was now crashing. However there still as is discussed elsewhere some strange memory issues happening . At this point I have reverted to 6.1 as having too many probs.