7.1 replacement for user defined data

In earlier occt versions it's been possible to add user defined data to an AIS_InteractiveObject using 

void AIS_InteractiveObject::AddUser(const Handle(Standard_Transient)& aUser)

Also see the questions https://www.opencascade.com/content/how-add-user-defined-data and https://www.opencascade.com/content/how-add-id-aisshape .

However, in 2ec85268a1e5790ad6f7d6d05577c493ce8547a2 from 13/10/2016, this functionality has been removed. Also in this commit, AIS_IdenticRelation received similar functions as the ones removed from AIS_InteractiveObject but it seems like this could be a coincidence.

Can anyone give me some hints about how to add custom data to AIS_InteractiveObject with the current occt releases?

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You can sub-class presentations or use AIS_InteractiveObject::SetOwner() which has the same interface and intended for application data.

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Works great! Thank you very much!