About DXFans SAT format

This message has for goal to clarify the situation regarding DXF and SAT format and Open CASCADE. It is true that Matra Datavision provided DXF and SAT data exchange in CAS.CADE version 2.1. The decision of not pushing this code in open source with the rest of Open CASCADE has been taken for a couple of reasons: - these exchanges were not bidirectional - and, principally, they are based on an old version of Autocad (release 13)

Nevertheless, Matra Datavision will provide this code to anybody who where using it previously. And as Open CASCADE is open source, Matra can provide it also to anybody who wants to update it to be compatible with recent version of autocad then,for example, push it after in Open CASCADE. This can be asked at support.contact@opencascade.com

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Anybody thought about a project to link Open CASCADE with the libraries from the OpenDWG group on www.opendwg.org. You wouldn't be able to commercially exploit your applications, but you could use for in-house developments.