About a GeomAPI_PointsToBSpline question

If i create bspline by GeomAPI_PointsToBSpline and some points,Then how to get same points after create bspline.
For example:
I try to use p1(360.3152,202.2359,0.0000),p2(425.0337,234.1870,0.0000)
p3(485.3893,190.6174,0.0000),p4(545.7448,242.9010,0.0000) to create bspline by GeomAPI_PointsToBSpline.
After create bspline.I want to get points as same as p1(360.3152,202.2359,0.0000),p2(425.0337,234.1870,0.0000)
How to get these points?

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You have to save them yourself somewhere, the original points are used as sample points on the curve, the created curve only contains the control points that has nothing to do with your original points and a knot vector.

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Thank you.I will try it.