About the GUID of the attribute

We know the GUID is the identity of the attribute.But what is the mechanism of the generating of the GUID?
Is it generated by random or by some rules provided by OCC?

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I had the same question:


On unix use uuidgen


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Hi xgy,

I guess in the forum message that you pointed out, Patrik Müller has already answered to your question and I use the same technique - it just works fine.

GUID needs to be unique and on the MS platform there is a tool called "GUIDGEN.EXE" and you should be able to locate it on your machine at "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Tools". This assumes that you are developments is happening on MS Windows platform.

Please do not hesistate to write more on your problem, if it continues to exist.

Best regards,
Yogesh Dhakad