About OCC bug in STEPCAFControl\STEPCAFControl_Reader.cxx

In "STEPCAFControl\STEPCAFControl_Reader.cxx" file ,the function "Transfer(STEPControl_Reader ,Standard_)Integer,........)",maybe call "ReadExternFile(Standard_CString,Standard_Cstring.....)" function when "ExtRefs.NbExternRefs() is not 0 " .But the "ReadExternFile(Standard_CString,Standard_Cstring.....)" function in the same file maybe call "Transfer(STEPControl_Reader ,Standard_)Integer,........)" function.
So it will be call forever.

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This should be just a recursion, not an infinite loop.
Why do you think it may "call forever"?

If you have a file references causing the actual issue - please register it on Bugtracker.

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Hello ,I register it on bugtracker "0031711",Please confirm.

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If you put # 0031711 on forum (#0031711), then link will automatically point onto Bugtracker ;).

I may confirm only that issue is reproducible in CAD Assistant, so yes - there is a bug. You are welcome to propose a bug fix or wait until it will be processed by OCCT development team.