About the performance of reading iges file at the first time.

Hi all,

I found the reading time is long when loading the first iges file. My platform is Vista + VS2005 + C++ + Debug model.
I traced the code of IGESControl_Reader, and found the construction function of IGESControl_Reader is the bottleneck. And it's caused by "OSD_Host host;" in "IGESData::Init ()".
OSC_Host calls gethostbyname, it's a time-consuming function because it will load a lot of dlls. I wonder know since IGESData::Init donot call any API of "host" any more(conclusion after reading the code of "Init"), can we comment the code "OSD_Host host;"?

Thanks in advance. Any suggestion is welcome.


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This is an old problem as you can see here:

At this time, OCC have register the improvement request but nothing has been done since this time.

I have comment this line in my OCC installation and have no problem in reading IGES file.


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Great! Thanks, Jeanmi. I will comment it.

Best regards.