About triangular mesh(or STL).

I'm a new user of OCC(no more than 2 month), and confused by the packages about mesh. There are many packages which could manipulate triangular mesh(STL), i.e. STL_Mesh, RWSTL, TKMesh, StlAPI......

I have several question:
1. StlAPI_Reader::Read() could generate an instance of TopoDS_Shape, as in http://www.opencascade.org/org/forum/thread_9699/, it sames the slowest one for loading stl files. Is the generated instance of TopoDS_Shape covers topological information? I mean is it not simply collect discreted triangles, but construct releations between Vertices, edges and triangles.

2. RWStl::ReadFile() generate an instance of StlMesh_Mesh. In my opinion, the StlMesh_Mesh instance only eliminate redundant vertices of STL file and represent triangles with indices of vertices. Am I right?

3. What is OpenCascade Mesh Framework? Is it TKMesh?

4. How to use TKMesh to manipulate triangular mesh or STL?

thanks for any advices.

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to your questions:
1) StlAPI_Reader::Read() generates a TopoDS_Shape. That means it converts the vertices to TopoDS_Vertex, edges to TopoDS_Ede and triangles to TopoDS_Face. So it contains the TopoDS toplogical informations - but no more mesh specific infos!
2) if I remember correctly - yes.
3) Its an additional (commercial) toolkit and not TKMesh: http://www.opencascade.org/support/products/omf/
4) what kind of manipulation do you want to do?



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4).My algorithum requires any edges or triangles associated with a vertex could be finded easily with only the vertex known in advance.


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