Accentuated characters in visualisation

Hi, all
I try to display a text with accentuated characters in the 3D viewer, and I only obtain square in the place of the accentuated characters.
I search the forum but found nothing interesting.

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Hi !

The internal string management in OCC is unicode so ther should not be any problem, first of all, on what platform are you running OCC ?, Windows95,98 and Me does not have full unicode support so it's possible that this cause some problems, the only other thing I can think of is that there is a problem somewhere in converting between the codepage you are using and unicode or reverse.

If you enter a string, then I guess this is converted to unicode somewhere on the way as I guess you are not entering a unicode string, that's the first place, the second is when it is displayed, I once again guess that it is converted back to ansi....

Sorry, that's all I can think of.


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Thanks for this quick answer.
I'm working on W2000, it is unicode also.
I've certainly made a mistake in my code. I'll check it.


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Hi again !

It is of course also possible that the font used to display the text does not support the character you try to display, didn't think of that first.