Accessing edges of a BRepMesh_Triangle (after BRepMesh_FastDiscret)

I use BRepMesh_FastDiscret to mesh a Shape:
BRepMesh_FastDiscret *myMesh = new BRepMesh_FastDiscret(...)

To retrieve triangles, I do this:
int NbTri = myMesh->NbTriangles();

BRepMesh_Triangle& triangle;
for (iTri=1; iTri triangle = myMesh->Triangle(iTri);

But, here I cannot retrieve the edge indices for the triangle (Edge1, Edge2, Edge3 are private data).

Does anyone know how to access these private fields ?


Rob Bachrach's picture

Have you looked at the public member function Edges of BRepMesh_Triangle? This appears to return the edge indices and their orientations for the triangle.

Jean-Yves Brud's picture

Thank you Bob,

It is exactly what I needed.

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Hi, Jean. Why BRepMesh_FastDiscret has no the function: "NbTriangles()" in my OCC. What kind of OCC are you using ????