Accessing tessellated data of standalone Edge displayed by AIS_Shape

Hi guys,

I know that there's BRep_Tool:Triangulation that can be used to access tessellated triangular data of a face. 
But how can I access the tessellated segments of a standalone Edge which is displayed by an AIS_Shape? 

In attachment image: I have a rendered Arc (using AIS_Shape), I would like to access those 5 line segments.

I appreciate for any help.
Thank you.


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Any help, guys?

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Hy Hoong,

You can use: BRep_Tool.Polygon3D(edge, location;)

Or you can use: GCPnts_UniformDeflection(..)

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Hi Guido,

Thanks for your message. I tried those classes before posting this question.
- Polygon3D: it doesn't work, output is NULL
- Pnts_UniformDeflection, GCPnts_QuasiUniformDeflection or even UV computing: are too heavy because they do computation again. We know the tessellated data exits somewhere already in Visualization Layer and want to obtain it instead of recomputing.