Acquiring all the point lists of a Geom_BSplineSurface

Hi All
I have been able to generate the Geom_BSplineSurface using the display functions like BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace() and TopoDS_Face.

But I wanted to get the details or rather the coordinates of all the points involved in plotting the Geom_BSplineSurface.

Any functions that I can look into to get the list of all the points IN THE SURFACE of the generated B_SplineSurface ?

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Hi Jomy,

If you want to get the tessellated mesh of the bspline face, you can use
BRep_Tool::Triangulation (const TopoDS_Face &F, TopLoc_Location &L).

- Ding

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Thank you.
I found it in the Geom_BSplineSurface Class itself.

It is,

Standard_EXPORT void D0 (const Standard_Real U, const Standard_Real V, gp_Pnt &P) const

God Bless