AIS_TextLabel Measurements/Bounds


I'm using AIS_TextLabel to show a 3D located and rotated 'decal' on the surface of another object.  I would like to be able to position it based on the centre of the first letter, for example.  In order to do this, I need some way to measure the bounds of a label, before displaying it.

I've experimented in a debugger, but the bounds appear to be only set when added to the viewer and, in my case, I found that the min and max were set to the same value immediately after added to the view.

Is there a way to 'pre-measure' the world size of a label?
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Why would you need using center of first letter? This sounds awkward.
Note that text alignment relative to anchor 3D point is manged by two enumerations Graphic3d_VerticalTextAlignment and Graphic3d_HorizontalTextAlignment.

Apart from graphic tools like AIS_TextLabel displaying text in 3D viewer, there is also Font_BRepTextBuilder building TopoDS_Shape from text.