AIS_Trihedron axes labels too small

The axes labels of the AIS_Trihedron appears too small (nearly unreadable) on my linux box having resolution 1280x1024 whereas is very normal on Win32 with resolution 1024x768 on the same machine. Can anyone suggest how to change the size of axes label font so that it can be visible on linux too?

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I'll resurrect this posting since i have a similar porblem.

Has anyone of you found a way to upscale the trihedron labels to work for higher resolutions?

Attach a sample image, which is hard to read on 1680*1050 (it might look okay in lower resoulutions, though)

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Hi Tilman/Nair,

I am using OCC 6.3, my AIS_Trihedron labels are disproportionally big, they aren't small like in your pic...are you guys using a later version of OCC?



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I am using 6.3.1.

It might be that this behaviour has something to do with the desktop resolution we ude. That would be plauisble if the font size were hardcoded to a fixed pixel value.

I use a resolution of 1650 * 1050 on a 22'' widescreen tft. What are you using?

And another thought:
Do you use other text output in your application? Maybe you found some sideeffect wich i could use.

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Hi Tilman,

In fact, if you look at the realease notes of 6.3.1 (page 7) it is said that they fixed the AIS_Trihedron labels bug. But apparently it might not be the case. I use 6.3.0, I don't know how to get 6.3.1, may be I don't have access to it (if you know a way pl kindly tell). I don't use text in my app so far. I guess OCC team even though they fixed it, the fix is still giving problems?


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6.3.1 is only available to paying customers with a maintenance contract, so the only way to get the actual version is to become one.

I have gone through the release notes a few days ago, but this little bit escaped my attention. I will read up on this.

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Resurrection No. 2

I didn't have the problem while I was using OCCT 6.3, but after the upgrade to 6.5 the labels in my program appear as small as in Tilmans picture. AIS_Trihedron allows to set the color of the label's text, but there seems to be no implementation to set the text size.
After the upgrade the labels weren't visible at all. I followed the fix described in []thread_20101[/url]. Now the labels are visible but, as mentioned, too small.
I'm using a linux box.

Greatful for any suggestions,