Another VC++ .Net 2003 novice

Hi I want to use OCC with VC++ .Net 2003. Can any one post an example project which I can look at.

Any resources will be helpful

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Hi Suneet,

Are you wanting to develop in Managed or Unmanaged C++? Because the OpenCASCADE libaries are pure C++, then you may have to create some form of wrapper to be able to call from managed code into the OpenCASCADE API.

Jonathan Hill

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Hi Jonathan,

I want to develop using managed C++?

I would appreciate if somone could send an example of creating such a managed C++ wrapper for OCC.

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Hi Suneet,

You can download an example Visual Studio 2005 (.NET Framework v2.0) project I have created from: -

(the path is case sensitive and it contains about 20Mb of files)

Its a simple Windows form hosting a OpenCASCADE window with a rotating sphere created on a thread.
(The debug folder also contains all the runtime .dll files, including the OpenCASCADE v5.2 runtime files)

The sample is in C#, but you should be able to convert it to Managed C++.

I am currently working on support for the new OpenCASCADE v6.1 release.

Let me know if you have any comments or queries.


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check the C# sample included in the distribution and the Shell class