Any plans for vtk>6.1.0


Hi to all,

apologies if this is inapropriate here, but since I couldn't find solution elsewhere, and this is closest to installation FAQ, here it goes.

I use Gentoo and want to use variaous mech packages like FreeCAD and Salome, but those seem to depend on differentversions of VTK and OCCT.

I tried to upgrade to vtk-git and opencascade-7.0.0. VTK compiled fine, but OCCT-7.0 seems to expect, at least by default, old OpenGL api and, which is AFAIK absent from vtk>6.1.0.

I recompiled vtk with old OpenGL backend, but OCCT-7.0.0 still chokes near the end about library.


1. Are there some appropriate cmake defines or patches for this?

2. Is there a plan to lift dependecies to newer VTK ?

BTW, I saw comments on read-only access to git-repo without signed statement- I vote for that, too...

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VTK 7.0 should be supported in current OCCT master (for CMake builds), see #26512

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Can't wait for public read-only git-repo access.

I thought about signing CLA, but after reading it, although it seem perfectly reasonable, at least to me, I feel uncomfortable accepting some ( inavoidable) legal responsibilities.

For example

"9. This CLA is governed by the laws of France or an applicable law at the sole written choice of OPEN CASCADE SAS."

I don't have a clue about French laws and costs of even appearing at french court for even a trivial case would probably kill me at this moment.

I need read-only access at the moment, but you never know what might come tommorrow.
Not that risk of litigation is high, and had I had something significant to contribute at the moment, I'd sign in nanosecond, but for simple read-only access it seems like an overkill for me.

Hint: Maybe it wouldn't hurt to post some FAQ about legal consequences and their particular French flavour, so one could easier decide whether to sign personally or in the name of his/her/its/etc employer etc.

I'm not criticising, just commenting.

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Here is the list of sample programs that I failed to compile. Some programs( sample04, sample10 ) are OK, but others have error. Include file "Define_Standard_Handle.hxx" is the problem.

sample04 and 10 was compiled successfully. so I think my setting is correct. I'm hanging around this problem for two days......

I need your opinions.. what's the problem? please send me this file, "Define_Standard_Handle.hxx", if you can.. thanks.

================================================================ [sample02] Error : Cannot open include file : 'Define_Standard_Handle.hxx'

[sample03] Error : Cannot open include file : 'Define_Standard_Handle.hxx'

[sample04] "SampleViewer3d" OK

[sample04] "SimpleDisplayAnimation" Error : Cannot open include file : 'Define_Standard_Handle.hxx'

[sample05] "SampleAISBasic" Error : Cannot open include file : 'Define_Standard_Handle.hxx'

[sample06] "SampleAISDisplayMode" Error : Cannot open include file : 'Define_Standard_Handle.hxx'

[sample07] "SampleAISSelect" Error : Cannot open include file : 'Define_Standard_Handle.hxx'

[sample10] "SamplePlate" OK ===============================================================

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Dear all,

For this compilation an error occured when I post my last message:

Rename the include #include by #include definitions on each sample projects.


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You have the file. Either the filename is wrong or the samples include the wrong file.

The real name of this include file is not "Define_Standard_Handle.hxx", it is named "Standard_DefineHandle.hxx". You have to modify the include statement in the sample programs, before you can compile them.

Hope it helps, Robert

-- Robert Seidner WZL-TF RWTH Aachen