any suggest about support qrcode or image shape

i want to make a qrcode, and make this qrcode as a shape, and extrude it, make it as i 3d qrcode, and do extrude fecture on shape N,

how to .....

does occt support 3d qrcode shape generate? or any suggest about this issue, likes in the picture.


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There is no any functionality related to QR code in Open CASCADE Technology, as far as I know.
So you need to create a 2D contours (shapes) for your QR Code somehow and than general algorithms like extrusion can be used for generating 3D shape.

Considering structure of QR Code, if you have correct Bitmap for it (e.g. generated using some library, not captured photo),
than you can create a 3D box for each black pixel in the image as most simple solution.

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dear Kirill,

thank you for your reply, it is very usefull information.