I have compiled open cascade for 64 bit and using it on a windows 7 64 bit system.
I get this exception


when calling

Device = new Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice();

and it appears that this exception is thrown in Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice::SetGraphicDriver because TKOpenGl.dll could not be found by the library loader.
But setting the variable does not fix the problem, and it doesn't help putting TKOpenGl.dll in the exe directory.
Any idea how to fix this?

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Dear Comme le vent,
Standard delivery contains file 'env.bat' where all necessary environment variables are defined. You may use this file to start your application.
Before you may make a short test with Draw (use for this draw.bat which calls env.bat):
draw.bat vc10 win64 Release
Meaning of the parameters you can find in 'draw.bat' file.
Besides you should correctly compile 3dparty products. See instructions at html documentation of OCCT: "Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology/Compilation of third-party products used for OCCT/Recommendations for compilation".
If it ran correctly you may reuse this approach for your application.

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Thanks for the response.
It was indeed a 3rd party lib: I found that there was a dll missing, not TKOpenGl.dll, but ftgl_dynamic_MTD.dll. It compiled with errors i didn't see the first time so i thought the dll was built.
for anyone having any errors with ftgl: use FTGlyph.h from the ftgl directory, not the freetype directory.

thanks & bye