Attributes in OCAF

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I got a question connected to attributes in OCAF. I attach a V3d_Viewer-Object to the main label of a document. Does this mean, that the objects contained in the document will be displayed according to the arguments I used to instatiate the V3d_Viewer-Object?

Is it possible to say, that the attributes hooked to the labels are so to say "automatically executed"? I hope you understand what I mean...

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Christian Alvarez

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Hello Christian.

I'm just a beginner also but maybe I can help you.

Has the manuals say "This attribute stores an interactive context at the root label". I guess this way you can save your context definitions.

About calling the apropriate functions to create the objects in the interactive context I think you have to call them yourself.

You have to iterate the labels and when you find a function attribute you execeute it. I don't really remember the ways to iterate labels because I don't play with cascade for more then a month but the last think I was trying to do was exactly this.

I even post some questions about that so you can search them to see the responses.

I know that when you have objects that reference another object (imagine a boolean object that as references to other objects) the sequence in wish the functions were called was very important. I couldn't create a boolean object if the references weren't already created. For this you use a treenode attribute to iterate. Thsi is an attribute that can place a label somewhere in a tree independent from the tree of labels. This parallel tree could define the order in wich objects would be created. I hope you understand the idea.