basic about AIS_Drawer

Hello everyone,
I'm confused using the AIS_Drawer, I'm trying to change an ais aspect: I want to draw an arrow at the end of each line, so this is the code of my sample:

Handle(Geom_Point) pnt1 = new Geom_CartesianPoint(p1);
Handle(Geom_Point) pnt2 = new Geom_CartesianPoint(p2);
Handle(AIS_Line) ais = new AIS_Line(pnt1, pnt2);
ais->Attributes()->SetLineArrowDraw(true); // TODO: is not working

and the line is displayed but with no arrows.
How should I properly use the AIS_Drawer ?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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I have the same problem! Have you found any solution?

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There is a sample about line with arrow in my article