Beginner: how to show bottle from example?

Hello! I'm beginner and this is question:
What is the right way to display bottle from example:

How should I create GUI? Is there any standart or ready GUI, as in C++ tutorial?

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And I told about C# wrapper, sorry! Can't edit topic name :(

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I need to!
Can anyone help us?

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Hi everyone

did someone manage to show the bottle ?

thanks for helping


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hi is there an update on this one ?
i'm also interested in programming with this wrapper

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See the sample code provided for CSharp in $CASROOT/../samples/standard/CSharp in the installation. The GUI is written using Windows Forms in C#. The C++ part of it is written in the OCC and shell projects. OCC is the C++ wrapper written to connect the Viewer to the C# GUI. You should be able to add the bottle C++ code to this module and call it from the GUI callback in C# as other commands are called.

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See our opencascade c# wrappers


Best regards,​ Guido