Bfuse failed

I used Bfuse to fuse two shapes. Two warnings are generated, and the fused Shape is incorrect. Is this a bug? Is there any way to avoid it?

Repetition steps:

restore topUnionShell.brep a
restore topUnionBoss.brep b

bfuse c a b
Warning: Some of the edges passed to the Face Builder algorithm have not been classified and not used for faces creation
Warning: Some of the faces passed to the Solid Builder alogorithm have notbeen classified and not used for solids creation
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There is some tangent problem in this case. Using fuzzy value can help. I experimentally deduced that for this case the fuzzy value from 1e-4 to 1e-3 helps to produce the expected result.

bfuzzyvalue 1e-4
bfuse r a b

However, you are welcome to register a bug for making bfuse produce correct result without using fuzzy value. 

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Although the warning message is still there, the fused Shape looks normal.
I see that someone has submitted the same Bug, can I add it directly below?

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I think it is hardly the same, because shapes are different. The presence of the same messages does not mean the same cause of the bug.

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OK, i submit a new bug.