[Blog] Seminar on parallel development and Open CASCADE


Today I would like to come with a question to you.


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(Duplicating this reply here, just in case more eyes can see it - someone reported about problems to access blogspot.com)

Hi folks,

I received a few supportive comments. Thanks a lot to those who responded ! The majority comes from Germany so far, and this would define a possible place for a meeting. Perhaps some other people from Europe (or even not only) wouldn't mind travelling to there ?

However there is no critical mass there yet. This is possibly due to vacation period that still lasts. So, if you have come accross this message and would be interested to participate please do reply to this post, either directly on the blog or using my email (roman dot lygin at gmail dot com). If I don't (did not) reply to your email within 1-2 days then it means I did not get it. Please post a comment on the blog then.

Thanks !