BRepAlgoAPI_BuilderAlgo vs. BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse

I have below questions about them:
1. Is there a way to supply a list of shapes to BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse as one can do for BRepAlgoAPI_BuilderAlgo? If yes, please provide sample code.
2. Can we also set parallel run and glue options for BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse as shown below for BRepAlgoAPI_BuilderAlgo:

BRepAlgoAPI_BuilderAlgo builder;
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Yes, you can! BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse is a descendant of BRepAlgoAPI_BuilderAlgo, and inherits all its public methods.

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You are to supply Fuse algo with two lists of shapes - arguments and tools, which are passed using the methods SetArguments and SetTools.

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Thanks for this one. Just setting arguments was giving too few arguments error even with several arguments in the list.