BRepAlgoAPI_Cut Problems

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use BRepAlgoAPI_Cut but there is something dosent work. I'm trying to make a simple cube with an hole, a cylinder one.

Please take e look to the following code :

Create a cube:
void CSampleViewer3dDoc::OnBaseBox()
CNewBaseBoxDlg Dlg;
if(Dlg.DoModal()!=IDOK) return;
BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox B(gp_Pnt(Dlg.m_x, Dlg.m_y, Dlg.m_z), Dlg.m_w, Dlg.m_l, Dlg.m_h);
aBaseBox = new AIS_Shape(B.Shape());


Create a cylinder and cut
void CSampleViewer3dDoc::OnShapeHole()
CNewBaseCylinderDlg Dlg;
if(Dlg.DoModal()!=IDOK) return;

BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder B(((Dlg.m_x, Dlg.m_y, Dlg.m_z),(Dlg.m_x1, Dlg.m_y1, Dlg.m_z1)), Dlg.m_h, Dlg.m_r);
Handle(AIS_Shape) aHoleCyl = new AIS_Shape(B.Shape());


TopoDS_Shape Cut = BRepAlgoAPI_Cut(aBaseBox,aHoleCyl);

Handle (AIS_Shape) ais18 = new AIS_Shape(Cut);


And there is an error:

error C2665: 'BRepAlgoAPI_Cut::BRepAlgoAPI_Cut' : none of the 3 overloads could convert all the argument types

Appreciate for your help.

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Error in this: "TopoDS_Shape Cut = BRepAlgoAPI_Cut(aBaseBox,aHoleCyl);"

"aBaseBox" and "aHoleCyl" is "AIS_Shape", but must be a "TopoDS_Shape".
You must use yors "B" from "BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox" and "BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder".


BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox myBox(gp_Pnt(Dlg.m_x, Dlg.m_y, Dlg.m_z), Dlg.m_w, Dlg.m_l, Dlg.m_h);
BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder myCyl(((Dlg.m_x, Dlg.m_y, Dlg.m_z),(Dlg.m_x1, Dlg.m_y1, Dlg.m_z1)), Dlg.m_h, Dlg.m_r);

TopoDS_Shape Cut = BRepAlgoAPI_Cut(myBox, myCyl);

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Appreciate for your advise. Unluckly, there is the same error message when I rebuild it.
Attached is the .cpp file.

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I do not compile your file. It's big and may contain more than one error with Cut operation :)

So, I wrote a working sample for you. Try this:
// vars
Standard_Real cylRadius = 15.;
Standard_Real cylH = 150.;

Standard_Real boxL = 100.;
Standard_Real boxW = 80.;
Standard_Real boxH = 50.;

TopoDS_Shape resultBox;

// make Box
BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox myBox( gp_Pnt( 0, 0, 0 ), boxL, boxW, boxH );

// make axis of direction for cylinder
gp_Ax2 cylAx2(gp_Pnt( 50, 50, 0 ), gp_Dir( gp_Vec( gp_Pnt(0,0,0), gp_Pnt(0,0,100) ) ) );

// make cylinder
BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder myCyl( cylAx2, cylRadius, cylH );

// make Cut operation and get result
resultBox = BRepAlgoAPI_Cut( myBox, myCyl.Shape() );

// show myBox
Handle(AIS_Shape) myBoxAIS = new AIS_Shape( myBox );
myAISContext->SetColor( myBoxAIS, Quantity_NOC_RED );
myAISContext->SetMaterial( myBoxAIS, Graphic3d_NOM_SHINY_PLASTIC );
myAISContext->SetDisplayMode( myBoxAIS, AIS_Shaded );
myAISContext->SetCurrentObject( myBoxAIS, Standard_True);
myAISContext->Display( myBoxAIS );

// wait

// show myCyl
Handle(AIS_Shape) myCylAIS = new AIS_Shape( myCyl );
myAISContext->SetColor( myCylAIS, Quantity_NOC_GREEN );
myAISContext->SetMaterial( myCylAIS, Graphic3d_NOM_SHINY_PLASTIC );
myAISContext->SetDisplayMode( myCylAIS, AIS_Shaded );
myAISContext->SetCurrentObject( myCylAIS, Standard_True);
myAISContext->Display( myCylAIS );

// wait

// delete objects
myAISContext->Erase( myBoxAIS );
myAISContext->Erase( myCylAIS );

// show result of Cut
Handle(AIS_Shape) resultBoxAIS = new AIS_Shape( resultBox );
myAISContext->SetColor( resultBoxAIS, Quantity_NOC_MATRABLUE );
myAISContext->SetMaterial( resultBoxAIS, Graphic3d_NOM_SHINY_PLASTIC );
myAISContext->SetDisplayMode( resultBoxAIS, AIS_Shaded );
myAISContext->SetCurrentObject( resultBoxAIS, Standard_True);
myAISContext->Display( resultBoxAIS );



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Thanks for your kindly help. My programe's condition is creating the box and cylinder in two functions, and cut function is in the made cylinder function; consider that the BRepAlgoAPI_Cut could not identify the handle box,so I define the handle of the box. I don't know whether it is available or not.

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If you want use 2 functions, you must define "TopoDS_Shape myBox" in global section.
For example in "*.h" file:

TopoDS_Shape myBox;

And then use it in your functions. Or, you may use function which returns a TopoDS_Shape and use this function in other functions. Example:

TopoDS_Shape MyClass::getMyBox()
TopoDS_Shape box = BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox(gp_Pnt(Dlg.m_x, Dlg.m_y, Dlg.m_z), Dlg.m_w, Dlg.m_l, Dlg.m_h);

return box;

void MyClass::someFunction()
resultBox = BRepAlgoAPI_Cut( getMyBox(), myCyl.Shape() );


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sorry to reply too late. I tried your method.But there are errors on defined "TopoDS_Shape MyClass::getMyBox()",the error is :
overloaded function differs only by return type from 'void CSampleViewer3dDoc::OnBaseBox(void)

I think the problem can be simplied as :how BRepAlgoAPI_Cut can transfer the box which in getMyBox()?

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Did you rename "MyClass" to your class's name like "CSampleViewer3dDoc"?
You make some errors in class construction. Please read chapter "Object Oriented Programming" on

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Yeah, I'm sure.But there is an error:
'TopoDS_Shape CSampleViewer3dDoc::OnBaseBox(void)' : overloaded function differs only by return type from 'void CSampleViewer3dDoc::OnBaseBox(void)'
May I get your msn and have a chat online? My
Appreciate for your help.

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I don't have msn. You can contact with me by using Jabber, ICQ, or Skype.
Jabber: heXus at jabber dot org
ICQ: 2 66 66 94 16
Skype name: heXus® //(symbol "®" required)

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Also check your "*.h" file for definition of "OnBaseBox(void)" function. You must have in class "CSampleViewer3dDoc" this definition:

// in includes

// in your "*.h" file where class's functions is.
TopoDS_Shape OnBaseBox(void);

I think, error happens because you have definition like this:

void OnBaseBox(void);

but must be "TopoDS_Shape OnBaseBox(void);".