BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse can't fuse two TopoDS_Face properly

shape2 and shape1 are two square(TopoDS_Face) partially overlapped, check attachment

TopoDS_Shape FusedShape = BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse(shape2, shape1);

After boolean operation, result FusedShape is compound that consist of 3 TopoDS_Face, and it can't be rendered by VKT interface properly.
Anyway to make result as one TopoDS_Face?


Sathiya nathan's picture

Possibly the faces are in different planes. Check the Z value of both face vertices if they are rendered on xy plane.

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The result is right. By default fuse BO does not merge same-domain faces. But you can request this using the method SimplifyResult().

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It works. thanks
I assume it also work for solid object, right?