BRepIncremental Mesh

Hello, I have a question about BRepIncrementalMesh in OCC. I'm relatively new to the data structures in OCC and I use it with Python. My question is how the BRepIncrementalMesh functions? Is it a remeshing device after you make a Basic Mesh with BRepTool().Triangulation() or BRepTool().Triangulation is just a handle to the mesh structure? Another question is what are the main actions of a BRepIncrementalMesh? Can you give me some clues or bibliographic references about the subject?

Thank you in advance :)

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BRepTool::Triangulation() returns triangulation, only if it was already stored inside a shape, and with sufficient tolerance (<=).
BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh is one of the tools, which can be used to create such triangulation (which will be stored inside TopoDS_Shape).

Refer to the documentation for more information: